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Turmeric’s Healing Powers

Turmeric Healing Powers


Turmeric’s Healing Powers

Turmeric is a spice that has been around for centuries.  It is commonly used in Eastern cooking, especially on the Indian sub-continent.  Turmeric is actually a plant in its original form as it is a part of the ginger family.  You would be able to tell by just looking at it.

The more common powder spice form is made by boiling and then drying the plant, which is then ground into a mustard yellow powder.  The color has actually been used to help color mustards.

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agents making it great for skin care.  In fact, it is used in the beautification process of brides in India and Pakistan: a turmeric paste is made and applied on the entire bride’s body and then washed off.  It is believed to help even out skin tone and help soften the skin.  Recently, Japan has conducted research that suggests that turmeric helps sooth inflamed joints as well.  It is known to also be useful in treating cuts and burns since it is a natural anti-bacterial.

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