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Where Your Body Accumulates the Most Fat and How You Can Get Rid Of It

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Where Your Body Accumulates the Most Fat and How You Can Get Rid Of It

Fat can accumulate in different body parts, and it very common to accumulate the most in a certain body part, and less in others. The reason is that many different factors can lead to fat accumulation, i.e. obesity, which affect various body parts. Because of this, there are different types of obesity, to be more precise, there are 6 in total.

Furthermore, all of these 6 types of obesity require different measures for losing weight and solving this hazardous issue that may cause other health issues. Therefore, it is of crucial importance to ascertain the type of obesity you suffer from.

Here’s a list of the 6 obesity types, their causes, and how to solve the problem:

1. Food-Caused Obesity

This type of obesity is the most common and widespread type due to the modern lifestyle people have. Indeed, the main culprit is consumption of foods high in unhealthy fats and sugars.

How to solve the problem: 30 minutes of exercise daily.

2. Stress-Caused Obesity

Depression, anxiety, and stress can also lead to obesity because when suffering from these conditions, people usually reach out for sweets and any other sugary products.

How to solve the problem: indulge in stress-relieving activities and improve your psychological control.

3. Gluten-Caused Obesity

The most susceptible group of people to suffer from this type of obesity are women in menopause (imbalanced hormones) and adolescence. Consumption of foods high in gluten makes these women obese.

How to solve the problem: avoid a sedentary lifestyle, alcohol, and cigarettes, and do weight exercises.

4. Slow Metabolism-Caused Obesity

Bloated stomach is the most common indicator of this obesity type. Moreover, people who drink alcohol and have breathing difficulties are more prone to suffer from it.

How to solve the problem: stop consuming alcohol, and include vegetables and fruits in your diet.

5. Circulation-Caused Obesity

This type of obesity is usually inherited due to genetics. The risk group to suffer from this obesity are pregnant women and those who suffer from swollen legs.

How to solve the problem: practice exercises like running or climbing stairs.

6. Inactivity-Caused Obesity

Modern lifestyle, i.e sedentary lifestyle, is the main factor that causes this type of obesity because people nowadays are spending minimum 8 hours daily sitting.

How to solve the problem: exercise at least 3 times weekly according to a workout plan that includes exercises for different body parts and muscles.


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